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Safety Overview

When you book an aircraft for your clients or family, are you positive that the flight meets your safety standards? At Northwind Aviation Partners, our priority is to ensure that your flight is the safest it can be. That's why we use Wyvern and ARG/US (Aviation Research Group/United States), the world leaders in aviation safety research. These independent, third-party evaluators provide the accurate, unfiltered data that Northwind Aviation Partners demands for peace-of-mind flying for our clients.


The Wyvern Standard™ is an enhanced set of safety measurement criteria. These are used to ensure that a specific level of air safety has been achieved and is maintained by an air charter operator. Wyvern maintains the leading worldwide marketplace for the business of air charter and the most comprehensive platform for the auditing and reporting of safety information for Part 135 and Part 91 private aviation companies.


The ARG/US TripCHEQ provide air charter customers with a comprehensive analysis of a company's credentials specific to a trip. Enter four pieces of information about your trip, and engage the resources of the largest aviation safety database in the world. The TripCHEQ system tracks pilot certifications, type ratings, accidents, incidents, violations, operator certificates, and operational control of aircraft. Every time you fly with Northwind Aviation Partners, you'll be provided with the most up to date background information on the crew and the aircraft.

You won't find a company that is more committed to its clients' safety and security than Northwind Aviation Partners.

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